Pond Treated for Blue-Green Algae and Fanwort

After samples drawn from Foster's Pond turned up blue-green algae in three basins, 60 of the Pond's 120 acres were treated with copper sulfate on July 17. Blue-green algae were found in the Main Pond, the Outlet Cove (the basin nearest the Dam), and the Mill Reservoir, and all three areas, as well as the Channel, were treated. In addition, this summers' third and final Sonar herbicide treatment was applied to scattered infestations of fanwort. The Pond was closed for the day. For more information and maps showing the treatment areas, click here.

YOU are Invited to the Annual FPC Pot-Luck Picnic on August 11

The 15th Annual Summer Picnic of the Foster's Pond Corporation will be held Sunday, August 11, from 1 to 5 p.m. As usual, this community-wide family event will be held at a unique shoreside location on the Pond. This year, our hosts will be Yan Wang and Qiurong He, 4 Foster's Pond Road, across from Rock Island. For more details and a map, download your very own personal invitation! And please RSVP (only if you plan to come), and let us know how many family members you'll be bringing, so we'll have the right amount of food on hand.

The Pond's Rare Peatland Habitats

At the Corporation's Annual Meeting last May, Andover botanist Richard Barry delivered a presentation entitled “For Peat’s Sake: Bogs, Fens and Peatland Habitats of Foster’s Pond.” He showed photographs and maps of the Pond's peatland habitats, including a stand of the increasingly hard-to-find Atlantic white cedar. To view an annotated version of Richard's slideshow, with his advice on designing a raingarden, click here.

That's Water Over the Dam

The Pond's iconic waterfall was fully restored as of April 23, marking the end of the 2018-19 winter drawdown. A 2.5-inch rainfall increased the flow over the Dam's 12-foot-wide spillway from a trickle, which had begun on April 17, to a cascade. The refill began on March 29. For more details and a picture, click here.

Wilmington Community TV Airs Program on Foster's Pond

WCTV, Wilmington's non-profit community television station, has produced a 22-minute program devoted to Foster's Pond and the FPC. The "Where's Wilmington" show, hosted by Lisa Kapala, includes a tour of the Goldsmith Woodlands by long-time Pond resident Joan Ellis, interviews with FPC President Steve Cotton and Board Member David Adilman, and footage of the Pond, the Dam, and Goldsmith. To view the program, click here.

Make Your 2019 Contribution Today!

We can't protect Foster's Pond and our historic dam without your help. Check out our Honor Roll of Foster's Pond supporters who have already donated this year. Give now, so we can put your name on our 2019 roster of donors. Earn the coveted fpc_icon, identifying you as an especially generous donor! Please, go to our donation page right now and give on-line or by mail. Your contribution is tax-deductible. Thank you!

Watershed Study Looks to Control Algae By Curbing Nutrients Flowing Into the Pond

We've treated Foster's Pond for toxic algae four out of the last five years. Can anything be done to prevent algae blooms? To find out, we commissioned a state-of-the-art study of the Foster's Pond watershed, using the latest computer modeling, on-line databases, and newly-assembled information. Our consultants delivered a Watershed-Based Plan for reducing the primary "limiting nutrient" that triggers algae growth. The first step is to give citizens of the watershed the information you need on how to protect the Pond. Start here.

Contribute to the FPC When You Shop Amazon (It Won't Cost You a Penny More)

Amazon has introduced a charitable-giving program that lets you make donations to the Foster's Pond Corporation without spending anything beyond the price of what you purchase. Amazon's charitable foundation will simply set aside 0.5% of the purchase price and contribute that to the FPC. All you have to do is go through the AmazonSmile portal. Your Amazon account information stays the same, and everything available on Amazon.com is also available on AmazonSmile, at the same price. To get started, click here.

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