Save the Date: FPC Annual Meeting Slated for May 8

The 2019 Annual Meeting of the Foster's Pond Corporation will be held on Wednesday, May 8, from 7 to 9 p.m., in Memorial Hall Library. It's a great occasion to meet neighbors and get up to date on what's happening around the Pond. The public is cordially invited.

Conservation Commission Extends FPC Management Program; More Treatments Likely in 2019

The Andover Conservation Commission unanimously approved a three-year extension of the Order of Conditions which governs the Corporation's lake management program. The vote came at a Commission meeting December 4. Accepting a recommendation from the Corporation, the Commission approved the addition of two non-chemical measures to control invasive weeds. In approving the program extension, the Commission considered a report prepared by the Corporation's lake management consultant. The 39-page report included results of the annual Pond-wide vegetation survey conducted in August. The survey found fanwort and spiny naiad substantially down from 2017, after last summer's herbicide treatments, but found outbreaks of both invasives in areas that weren't treated. For more information and a map, click here.

Drawdown? Not So Fast

One month into the 2018-19 winter drawdown, the Pond level barely dropped. An unusually wet November left the Pond as high as it was when the first stop-log was removed November 1. Nearly 9 inches of rain fell in November - compared with just 2 inches during November 2017. In effect, the drawdown fell a month behind schedule. The second stop-log was removed from the dam's narrow sluiceway December 5 to accelerate the drawdown, and the water level began dropping about an inch a day. The third log came out on December 15. For more background on the drawdown, click here.

Wilmington Community TV Airs Program on Foster's Pond

WCTV, Wilmington's non-profit community television station, has produced a 22-minute program devoted to Foster's Pond and the FPC. The "Where's Wilmington" show, hosted by Lisa Kapala, includes a tour of the Goldsmith Woodlands by long-time Pond resident Joan Ellis, interviews with FPC President Steve Cotton and Board Member David Adilman, and footage of the Pond, the Dam, and Goldsmith. To view the program, click here.

Make Your 2019 Contribution Today!

We can't protect Foster's Pond and our historic dam without your help. Check out our Honor Roll of Foster's Pond supporters who donated last year. Give now, so we can put your name on our 2019 roster of donors. Earn the coveted fpc_icon, identifying you as an especially generous donor! Please, go to our donation page right now and give on-line or by mail. Your contribution is tax-deductible. Thank you!

Watershed Study Looks to Control Algae By Curbing Nutrients Flowing Into the Pond

We've treated Foster's Pond for toxic algae four out of the last five years. Can anything be done to prevent algae blooms? To find out, we commissioned a state-of-the-art study of the Foster's Pond watershed, using the latest computer modeling, on-line databases, and newly-assembled information. Our consultants delivered a Watershed-Based Plan for reducing the primary "limiting nutrient" that triggers algae growth. The first step is to give citizens of the watershed the information you need on how to protect the Pond. Start here.

Contribute to the FPC When You Shop Amazon (It Won't Cost You a Penny More)

Amazon has introduced a charitable-giving program that lets you make donations to the Foster's Pond Corporation without spending anything beyond the price of what you purchase. Amazon's charitable foundation will simply set aside 0.5% of the purchase price and contribute that to the FPC. All you have to do is go through the AmazonSmile portal. Your Amazon account information stays the same, and everything available on is also available on AmazonSmile, at the same price. To get started, click here.

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